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    Default Replacing Front & Rear Rotors on 1999-04 Ford Mustangs

    Great guide to replacing the Brake Pads and Rotors on your 1999-2004 Ford Mustang: Rotor and Brake Pad replacement works on 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Ford Mustang Coupe and Convertibles.

    Replacing Front Brake Rotors on 1999-04 Ford Mustangs:


    Replacing Rear Brake Rotors on 1999-04 Ford Mustangs:


    Reach out to SD Mustangs on the forum for great deals on Drilled/Slotted or Dimpled/Slotted Rotors for your Mustang!

    Do-It-At-Your-Own-Risk. All Install Guides and Videos Featured are not backed by NJStangers,LLC. Damaged inflicted to your own car is not our responsibility, we are merely offering guides to help you.

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    I learned the hard way that you need a special tool for the rear breaks on models from 99 up! Went and bought one, 100 times easier!
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    I learned too!!! Had to replace both rear They painted up nice though..

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